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Carter Hanson - Opinion & Politics Section Editor

Carter Hanson is a Senior at Fairview High School and this is his fourth year on staff. He enjoys skiing, making historic maps, watching elections unfold, traveling, and writing. He is excited to be on staff again this year as the Section Editor of Opinion & Politics!


Stories by Carter:

Gun Massacre - #1

Carter Hanson | Nov 8 2017 | in Opinion & Politics

Today we mourn the victims of the attack[s] in Sutherland Springs, text-de...

Haunted Issue Spot the Difference Key

Carter Hanson | Oct 26 2017 | in Multimedia


1. Top right corner, inset into wall disappears. 2. Center up left, "stop" becomes "stoop". 3. Bottom left, corners of chair disap...

Carter's PUNishment - Weekly(ish) Humor Update 10/24/17

Carter Hanson | Oct 24 2017 | in Humor


1. What do you call a discriminatory pencil?    Eracist!...

Rant & Reactions - Weekly Political Update 10/17/17

Carter Hanson | Oct 17 2017 | in Opinion & Politics


After a news filled week (most of it bad to less than satisfactory) I would like to draw your attention to an issue that is vital to th...

Rant & Reactions - Weekly Political Update 10/4/17

Carter Hanson | Oct 4 2017 | in Opinion & Politics


I am utterly disgusted by the recent mass shooting at a country music concert in Las Vegas. The devastation of this blatant act of terro...

Rant & Reactions - Weekly Political Update 9/25/17

Carter Hanson | Sep 26 2017 | in Opinion & Politics


For my first rant… update, I would like to complain about Trump. But unlike any other week, I will be covering Trump criticizing ...

Carter's PUNishment - Weekly Humor Update 9/25/17

Carter Hanson | Sep 26 2017 | in Humor


What would Trump call renewable energy?Alternative fracks! Getting more ...

Pro/Con Issue Spot the Difference Answers

Carter Hanson | Feb 17 2017 | in Student News


Spot the Difference Key   1. Colorado flag: C becomes O. 2. Referee's basketball becomes a soccer ball. 3. Fa...

Bomb Threat Scares The Masses

Carter Hanson and Sara McCrea | Jan 13 2017 | in Student News

On Thursday January 12th, Boulder Police conducted searches at FHS after the discovery of a bomb threat in the bathrooms located in the ...