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"The Fate of the Furious" Review

By Ryan Swerdlin and Arshan Aidun in Arts & Culture


As everyone knows, the new “The Fate of the Furious” movie is in theatres and follows the adventures of our favorite crime fighting, street racing crew. This movie was spectacular and has everything that’s great about the past few Fast and the Furious movies as well.

The characters in the movie have always been known as Vin Diesel’s, also known as Toretto’s, Crew. This time around the positions and roles have switched, creating a lot of plot twists, and interesting scenes.

When it comes to scenes, the past few, and especially this Fast and the Furious Movie have so many settings that it’s almost too hard to keep track of. The team pops from cultural Cuba, too crowded Ohio, and even frigid Iceland. These setting switches really allowed the directors to create some explosively cool scenes.

The first movie was all about street racing and creating a crew, and it has become a classic, but it has evolved and turned into high profile classified cases the team has to fight. We think it’s awesome, and the change is good. It gives good reason to showcase super, and hypercars that were, for example: confiscated from drug dealers. It really brings the car aspect to the level we now expect.

According to Forbes, “There is a comparative lack of colorful villains this time.” We don’t agree, we believe that Cipher (the head villain) is the most clever one yet. With the mind tricks, and type of hostage that is weighing down on our former protagonist Toretto creates for a very eventful, exciting, and totally worth seeing movie.

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