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Preview: Letter From the Editors

By Laura Brack, Sara McCrea and Ben Gelderloos in Opinion & Politics

Rich. Privileged. White. Subaru-owner. Most of us have heard this stereotype that supposedly defines Fairview. Yet these words can not define 2,153 students who come from drastically different backgrounds and experiences.

We derive much of our identities from our cultures, and much of our culture reflects who we are. Though we may have set out with this issue of the Royal Banner Newsmagazine to find out how our cultures define us, we instead found that on many levels, especially within high school, we have the power to craft a culture of our own.

To cultivate a culture of respect, we must learn to consider different perspectives. To cultivate a culture of understanding, we must listen more. If we don’t like aspects of our culture, it is our responsibility to change it. Culture is always developing and reshaping. It ecompasses everything from history, to traditions, to trends, to how we treat each other. What we choose to value shapes the world around us.

The Royal Banner gathers as many stories as we can to dig beyond the generalizations about our culture. For the past couple of issues we have focused on small but meaningful stories, hoping to illuminate the various experiences and opinions that contribute to our school’s  diversity. Our goal for this issue is to ask big questions of every level of culture that unites Fairview. Do students feel safe at school? Why does Boulder cultivate a culture of entrepreneurs? What does it mean to be an American?

We encourage our readers to ask similar questions of their own cultures and consider the impacts culture has on how we interpret, interact, and innovate. As a student body, we get to decide what type of culture we want, and this is a power that we should not underestimate.




Laura Brack, Ben Gelderloos, and Sara McCrea

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