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Power Outage at Fairview

By Evan Derby in Student News


Xcel energy is responsible for the power grid in Boulder.

Today, at approximately 9:33am, a power outage occurred in South Boulder, leaving Fairview with dark hallways and no working water fountains.

“Xcel thinks that a squirrel got into a junction box somewhere,” said Principal Don Stensrud.

The outage lasted approximately an hour and a half, with power being restored around 11:00am. Xcel said a fuse had blown.

Every time there is a power outage, students want to know how long it would be until they would be dismissed.

“There is no written policy,” Stensrud said. “It depends on security and safety. Today was very reasonable in terms of weather. Since it was nice outside we were able to open up the doors and get some air flowing.”

While It is possible that students will be dismissed if the power is out for too long, it is unlikely.

“Today we were about half an hour away from making a decision," Stensrud said. "The cafeteria was having trouble preparing food.”

However, dismissing students isn’t as easy as making an announcement.

“We have to figure out where the students with medical needs are going to go,” said Stensrud.

The lights that go on during an outage are powered by a generator and battery packs. Combined, they allow the school to be powered during an outage for 1-3 hours.

A major problem during today’s outage was the lack of water fountains and lights in bathrooms and classrooms. Stensrud said that the administration is working with the district to get these problems fixed, especially since there has already been a power outage this year.

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