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November Issue Teaser - Vermin Supreme

By Carter Hanson in Humor



Our November ELECTION ISSUE comes out this Friday. Check out this preview of some of the content that awaits when you pick up the issue.

For many Americans, this election has been a traumatic experience that has reduced the average citizen to tears numerous times. Many feel that neither Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are the best people to be president. Luckily for the masses, there is an alternative: self-described “friendly fascist,” Vermin Supreme.

In this election, where anything can happen, Supreme is not a far fetched choice. Though his policies may seem anti-productive, at least he has policies. His decisive nature could help lead this country through the next four years without regret.

 “[Supreme] is, like, this weird guy. [He] has a boot on his head. [He] ran for president in, like, New Hampshire or something,” said sophomore Andrew Swanback.


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