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CU Searches for New Head Coach

By Lucia Rose in Sports

After two seasons coaching CU Buffalo Football, head coach Jon Embree was fired on Sunday November 25.

Athletic Director Mike Bohn said, "We had a heartfelt desire to make this work, we desperately wanted it to work." He said firing Embree, "was about functionality and the way the enterprise is run." With a 2012 season record of 1-11, and seven consecutive losing seasons, Bohn said that Embree was fired because, "It's not just about the results on the scoreboard; it's how we manage the entire operation."

In regard to the new coaching position, President Bruce Benson said, "we want to be competitive in the Pac-12, and that means going out and getting the best head coach and we pay that head coach," Benson also said that, "we are committed to upgrading facilities," in hopes of drawing in a new head coach. Bohn says the position is, "wide open at this point."

In Embree's first address to the media after being fired he focused on the high points of the season, "We had the highest GPA the last semester here at this school that the football program has ever had. We stay out of trouble." He also emphasized that his players had nothing to do with his loss of the position, "As I told you guys, we're going through tough times and you're not judged by the scoreboard at the end of the day. I was, you won't be."

Previously, CU fired two head coaches in the past two years. Bohn said that CU is looking for someone who has had recent success as a college head coach, who can make a splash nationally, and will be happy at CU.

Bohn has a top target in mind and that man is currently a head coach at another college program. Regarding the new position, "I think every athletic director has a list of candidates that they'd love to have in the event there is a change. We do, but we'll see if we can pull it off." Bohn said, “the CU administration is on board with paying what it takes to get the right coach.”

There are currently nine BCS and 12 FBS schools also in search for new head coaches.

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